Aurora Productions

Huntly has not had a theatre company for over sixty years and Aurora Productions is the North East's newest Theatre Company and is directed and produced by business partners, Hannah McGinlay and Hugh Johnstone.

Aurora Productions is  providing a platform to showcase the amazing talents that the surrounding area has to offer. 

This fantastic cast ranges from 6 to 68 years and have become great friends, able to help each other, share their talents, building strong ties and friendships that have been taken out into the wider community. The members are drawn from approximately a forty mile radius – from Aberdeen to Cornhill and Elgin to Gardenstown, bringing together people from many rural communities and  attracting audiences from these areas on the nights of our show.

It is very important to us that members of the public get a chance to enjoy the theatre.  However, in these rural areas it can be very difficult for people to travel to the nearest venue; His Majesty's Theatre in Aberdeen, which is over 40 miles away.  Therefore, we are offering the opportunity for the communities to feel as if they are taking part in a genuine theatrical experience on their own doorstep.   To do this we are locally sourcing as much as possible of  props, set and costumes thereby giving as many people as possible a chance to have a part in the show. It also means that our show will have a personal ownership for everyone taking a role.

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