Huntly & District Development Trust

About Us

With its roots in the work of the Aberdeenshire Towns Partnership (ATP), Huntly & District Development Trust (HDDT) is a company limited by guarantee that has been formed to benefit the community of Huntly and surrounding District.

HDDT’s aim is to build a resilient, inclusive, enterprising community capable of dealing with ongoing change.

Our Objectives

HDDT’s main objectives are:

  • Maintenance, regeneration and improvement of the community’s physical, economic, social and cultural infrastructure, and assisting people who are at disadvantage because of their social and economic circumstances
  • Advancement of education and training, arts, culture, heritage, sports, recreation and environmental improvement.
Our Activities

HDDT’s main activities are development and management of projects to make Huntly and District a better place to live, work and visit. Our projects are structured under 6 key themes:

  • Developing Our Infrastructure (develop Huntly’s online presence, improve gateways etc)
  • Developing Our Economy (further development of Huntly's retail sector, coordination of holiday and sports activity packages etc)
  • Strengthening Our Society (undertake mapping/identification of social support needs)
  • Advancing Our Culture And Heritage (draw up a marketing plan)
  • Promoting Sport In Our Community (develop cycling and walking in and around Huntly etc)
  • Improving Our Environment (investigate opportunities for recycling services, local CO2 offset scheme etc)

Huntly & District Development Trust

Brander Building
The Square
AB54 8BR

t: 01466 799416

The current portfolio of HDDT projects is shown below. For all of these projects we are working with others but the project list is structured under the six key HDDT themes:

Theme 1.    Developing Our Infrastructure
1.1. Develop Huntly's online presence
1.2. Improve town gateways, signage & interpretation
Theme 2.    Developing Our Economy
2.1. Investigate feasibility, acquisition and development of a Huntly Hub
2.2. Investigate feasibility of small workshop unit development for local businesses
2.3. Develop and coordinate holiday, skills and sports activity packages
2.4. Investigate opportunities to develop the Huntly retail sector
Theme 3.    Strengthening Our Society
3.1. Undertake mapping/identification of social support needs
Theme 4.    Advancing Our Culture And Heritage

4.1. Draw up a town marketing plan
Theme 5.    Promoting Sport In Our Community

5.1. Develop cycling in and around Huntly
5.2. Develop walking in and around Huntly
5.3. Investigate the feasibility of building a bunkhouse
Theme 6.    Improving Our Environment
6.1. Draw up a town sustainability plan, inc. investigations into a Huntly Car Club, local CO2 offset scheme, use of hydropower from local rivers
6.2. Investigate opportunities for recycling services

View HDDT's Annual Review 2014-2015 HERE  

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