Doric - the local dialect

All aboot the mither tongue

Doric is the dialect spoken in the North East of Scotland, especially around the County of Aberdeenshire. The practice of adding an 'ie' to virtually any word or description is recognised as peculiar to this part of Scotland, e.g. shop to shoppie.

Abody Everybody Forfauchan Exhausted
Affa Awfully Gads Horrible, yucky
Aye Yes Ganzie Sweater, jumper
Aye-aye min Hello Gipe Stupid (also Gype)
Bairn A baby or young child Guddle Mess
Black affrontit Mortally offended Heid Head
Blether To talk aimlessly Ill Tricket Bad tempered
Bosie A cuddle or hug Ken Know
Loon Boy
Messages Shopping
Claik Gossip Nae No
Claes clothes Nae Wye Nowhere
Clart To put too much on
(also farm manure)
Nivver fash Do not worry
Puckle A few
Quine Girl
Clarty Dirty Scaffie Binman
Deid Dead Scutter Delay
Dinna Don't Semmitt
Dinna fash
Donít worry & draa'ers Vest & pants
Skelpit Slapped or smacked
Doon aboot Fed up, depressed Sotter Mess
the mou Stammygaster Astonishment
Dreich Cold, wet and windy Steen Stone
Drookit Drenched, soaking Stotter Beautiful
Fa's Who Teuchter Country bumpkin
Fin When Toonser Townie
Fitbaa Football Trachled Exhausted
Fit Like Hello, how are you? Waabit Tired
Fit Wye Why Wifie Woman
Fleg Fright Yersel Yourself
Gordon Arms Hotel
 19th Century former coaching inn, situated in the central square 
Huntly Chip Shop
 Fast Food Takeaway, 12 Bogie Street